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The best things
in life are free.

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Welcome to Pookyfish, a small and slowly growing collection of free and useful services ranging from free cable television, internet, games telephone service and software, and of course, free electricity, text messeging. Pookyfish is an out of pocket project born of a personal belief that in a modern world such as ours, basic needs and amenities like food, water, shelter, health, education, electricity, communication and free access to information should be afforded to all people forced to pay unto Caesar and live under involuntary subjugation (Taxation is theft, btw, since they're not voluntary)...Anyways, the internet seems to be the only place left where anyone is truly free. Pookyfish, though small, still represents a mighty belief that human rights and freedoms will always find a way to overcome the silence and oppression we all face...Pookyfish is under a constant threat and has already been a victim of the same internet censorship that victimizes countless people around the world everyday...

"Internet censorship and attacks on free speech is a problem around the world. Amnesty International works to uphold the right to free speech."
Amnesty International USA

"Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. It may be carried out by governments or by private organizations at the behest of government..."
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

I know it's an ugly a** website...but, so...? if you find Pookyfish useful, please consider making a donation, one time, even something small like 5 dollars helps. If you don't find Pookyfish useful, sorry. Please say why and still consider a donation so we can make it better for everyone. It's not about dollar amounts, it's that free thinkers help keep us afloat. :)

I try to do everything for free. I'm a troubleshooter of sorts....a pretty-ass can follow my YouTube channel The more I find my publications going viral, the more terrifying it is. Probably just a combination of tech bringing us face to face with each other, around the globe and the increasing frequency and spread of useless violence accross the planet for an ever expanding endless list of stupid reasons. SHOES!?!?!?!? People die over shoes in alleged "1st world" countries.

Once you see that borders are all not only temporary, but altogether fictional. The country, any country, like a religion, only exists in the collective belief that it does. Rather, it IS the collective belief itself and nothing more. You can't go visit the alleged border between two self-proclaimed sovereign bodies and see an inexplicable, divinely sanctioned, floating, magical fairy-dust line running between them, however, you may see a natural or man-made one.

It's like money. We all agree that certain looking pieces of paper are worth specific amounts but that's where it ends. "Specific amounts of what?", "idk, that's just how much it's worth, man". It's a fiction that exists solely because everyone thinks it does. It's rather flimsy to be such an integral part of any world super-power status civilization. Super power status is the ability to survive billions of years of extinction events and still come out with more numbers in your population that any other species.

The Prokaryotes. Bacteria. Beautiful bacteria. Send those little turds into space and let's colonize this M'Fer. Not only can they survive on a very dull razor's edge, but they can kill with a very broad brush. Constantly reproducing, rapidly adaptable. While humans have a terrible tendency to indulge themselves and each other in delusions of grandeur, from the personal level to the masses.


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The Best Things In Life Are Free

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