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First, if you are here, you've probably watched one of my videos and are already aware that the amount of supposed “free” ISPs (internet service providers) out there on the web is nearly innumerable. So I have compiled 5 pages of resources and websites that provide a variety of ways to obtain actual free internet service on pretty much any device, anywhere. Granted your hardware capabilities will allow you to utilize theses methods.

Most of these are unlimited internet access providers. Some however, have repeating time restrictions, but are still free. Some have access numbers for only certain areas and some are for entirely different countries altogether. However, for most of them, you will need access to a land-line since they are all mostly dial-up services. But before you say “#$%! that!”...remember...they are free...

There are quite a few links here that will allow you to download dialers and access numbers directly from Pookyfish's support servers which will provide you with immediate free internet access. A few also supply only access numbers that you have to dial-up with manually, meaning you “punch in” the numbers yourself into whatever dialer you are using on your computer. Youtube has instructional videos on how to use your computer modem as a dialer if this is all new to you.

A lot of the free ISPs listed here require registration, but nothing more. Since it is difficult for Pookyfish to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the internet under the current (basically non-existent) budget and to make Pookyfish better for everyone. Please consider a one time donation of even just a few dollars to help keep us afloat and bringing you free services!

Free Nationwide ISP -Unlimited Free Internet Surfing
You can dial-up using a cell phone/PDA or home phone line.
It has it's limits and is really designed for low usage internet
users. Access numbers are California based. (SoCal Free Net)

Free dialer download for free internet
Canadian based. No credit card or personal information required.
Simply download and install the application and you are ready to go.
This is 100% free, unlimited dialup access at no cost! (CdotFree)

Free dialer application 4 free internet service
Put in your Email address and ZIP code and they send a dialer
application and local access numbers to your email based on the
ZIP code you provided. (Dial-Up For Free)

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