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This is a list of various methods for watching entire television shows and movies over the internet for free. You don't have to download anything. Hook your t.v. up to your computer and watch right online, instantly. Watch commercial free, back-to-back episodes of entire seasons of practically any show you can think of, countless movies and thousands of television channels....for free. To good to be true?

Yes and no...

Consider this, you can watch movies before they are released. Now, are you breaking a law for simply watching it if you do not download it? As well, you've probably already asked yourself why you pay for so much cable television when you probably only watch 3, 4... or maybe 10 at the most...of the available ~600 or so channels of which are already bogged down with commercials, and the frequency, content and duration of commercials are only getting worse. Even the shows themselves are 90% mass produced garbage, engineered primarily for product placement. Watch a children's network for 15 minutes. It'll be mildly entertaining, but you'll see....There's 5700 channels and nothin' on. Cable television is old news in my opinion....I mean, it'll always be around....and eventually be dirt cheap, maybe free. Who knows....but there has always been free television, it's easy to forget about those homemade, tin foil, coat hanger bunny ears. Why? Well...

The U.S. Federal Government did a great and hospitable service for it's people with the federally sponsored DTV Converter Box Coupon Program during the Digital television transition of 2009. Enabling millions of families across the nation to continue enjoying good ol' fashioned free over-the-air television programming at no cost to them under the Digital Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005. It's little things like that which make the U.S.A. great.

However, the transition unfortunatley caused a bottleneck in customer access benifiting only the private business sector of which we all know is a long and ugly story of greed and exponetial diservice to humanity around the globe. So, in regards to serving people, Pookyfish and countless others shall suffice in this progressive phenomena known as the internet...here you can find literal online television, meaning that some of these strategies simply employ the broadcast of real-time television feeds by mirroring them online. You can literally channel-surf thousands of channels from around the globe. Others are more like an "on-demand" type of thing where you can choose what to watch, when you want to watch it.

If you simply hook your computer up to a television via s-video, hdmi, dvi, etc., and get a wireless mouse... It'll beat watching your shows on a computer monitor....at a desk and negate the need for a cable television subscription, centralize all of your media i.e., internet / television / music / social / business....even video phone if you want...Anyways, some of these services are better than others and are constantly changing. There is never a shortage of them. Those you find here are reliable and free.

Though today is a new day and it is increasingly difficult for Pookyfish to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the world wide web under its current (basically non-existent) budget, and in order to make Pookyfish a little better for everyone who comes here looking for free stuff, just like you....Please consider a one time donation to help. Dollar amounts are not important. Just the fact that some people are kind enough to help;)

http://projectfreetv.ch/ Free TV - Watch all your shows and movies (On-demand)
Watch all your movies and shows (On-demand) online for FREE.
Entire series' of shows and countless movies. Full episodes of pretty much everything...better than hulu netflix and all the video stores around the world combined, commercial free. (Project free TV) Warning: Requires Specific Navigational Knowledge

http://www.alluc.com/ Free tv, (On-Demand / Search Engine) tv shows, movies
like the one above, this website functions as a search engine as well as a catalog for your shows. Watch your favorite TV shows for free. They carry entire seasons and tons of movies. (ALLUC) Warning: Requires Specific Navigational Knowledge

http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/ THE MOTHER-LOAD (when all else fails)
The Mother-load is the original version of Project Free TV as far as I can tell. It looks the same as the other website two links above this one, but the layout is different and they have a lot more, but damn they got a lot of ads. (www.free-tv-video-online.me) Warning: Requires Specific Navigational Knowledge

http://www.watchamericandad.tv/ American Dad, Family Guy and Cleavland Show (On-Demand)
Since American Dad and Family guy are some of my favorites, I've included a website dedicated to their shows (www.watchamericandad.tv) Warning: Requires Specific Navigational Knowledge

http://wwitv.com/ Free, unlimited online (Real-Time) streaming television
Watch live T.V. broadcasting on the Internet. Huge
collection of free Live internet TV stations. Over
3000 online channels available. (WWITV)

Watch all your favorites. Anytime. For Free
A free online video service offering hit TV shows
including Family Guy, 30 Rock, and the Daily
Show, etc. Updated with the latest releases. (Hulu)

Watch Full TV Shows and Movies Free Online Streaming
See the latest T.V. show episodes, movies, celebrity interviews,
and more! Updated regularly with all the new, popular shows
and movies you love.(Fancast)